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Having been home a week from an almost 5 week tour of Europe, I have realized I may have an ever so slight addiction. I can’t stop playing the drums. As we wrapped up the FU MANCHU tour in Belgium after 24 amazing shows, I wanted nothing to do with drums and told myself that I needed and deserved a break from playing. Time enough to physically (ACUPUNCTURE?) and mentally (massive amounts of Mexican food) recover and recharge the creative juices before looking at a drum kit. Managed to get about a 5 days in to being home and I find myself behind a students set just playing tons of fills and just going off, feeling good. That being a sign I suppose that maybe I DON’T need a break.  Which served me well when I got a call from my friend Chris Karn saying that there was going to be one last Decca Tree show with everyone who had ever played in the band onstage at various times. Which means I would also get to play with bass player-guru Wayne Lothian, he of The English Beat and General Public. One of those guys that everytime you play with him you learn something ( mostly how you should be LISTNING!!)  Of course being able to share a stage with Jesse, Dicki, Natalia, Andy and Chris was just icing on the donut….

So we got together last night, all 7 of us and played our tunes, said our hellos and goodbyes and hoped that we would do it again, somehow some way, possibly under a different guise. I met my wife because I played a show with Decca Tree . Pretty amazing to think of all of the music that was made and the marriages, break-ups, births and passing’s that have passed between all of us the last 15 years. A lot of life poured into some great tunes written by Mr Karn. Do yourself a favor and check out these releases:


We are lucky. Thank you all for allowing me to be on that stage and in the studio with you.

The Final Decca Tree show.


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