Discography - Drum Lessons in Orange County, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Huntington Beach


Scott Reeder Discography

2014: Fu Manchu – “Gigantoid” At The Dojo Records
2013: Sun & Sail Club – “Mannequin” Satin Records
2011: Fu Manchu – “Robotic Invasion” At the Dojo Records
2012: Decca Tree – “Wasp In The Grass” Itunes Release
2011: Fu Manchu – “The Covers” At the Dojo Records
2009: Smile – 1993 Itunes release
2009: Fu Manchu – “Beach Blanket Bong Out” At the Dojo Records
2009: Fu Manchu – “Signs of Infinite Power” Century Media
2007: Fu Manchu – “Who Are You?” At the Dojo Records
2007: Fu Manchu – “We Must Obey” Century Media
2007: Decca Tree – “It’s OK” MySpace Records
2006: Fu Manchu – “Hung Out to Dry” Century Media
2004: Fu Manchu – “Start the Machine” DRT Records
2004: Deccatree – “Battle of Life” Atlantic Records
2003: Fu Manchu – “Something Beyond” Elastic Records
2003: Fu Manchu – “Go For It… Live!” Steamhammer/SPV Records
2002: Volume – “Requesting Permission To Land” High Beam Records
2001: Trevor – “A Face in the Crowd” Independent Release
1999: Smile – “5 Songs” Ocean Waste Records
1998: Smile – “Girl Crushes Boy” Cargo/Headhunter Records
1996: Smile – “Masterlocks” Revelation Records
1996: Expose – “I’ll Say Goodbye for the Two of Us” Free Willy 2 Soundtrack – Sony
1995: Smile – “Sleepover” Atlantic/Headhunter Records
1995: Smile – “Maquee” Atlantic Records
1993: Smile – “Resin” Jester Records

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