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Sun And Sail Club, Los Angeles Ca, November 13th 2015


Here is some onstage drum camera footage from the Sun And Sail Club show on Friday November 13th 2015. The show turned out to be startlingly cathartic for us, considering the events of the day in Paris. I drove up a strangely empty 405 freeway listening to the radio reports in shock and wondering about the safety of friends and fellow musicians so far away. The thought then crossed my mind that it was a possibility that we may not be able to play that evening due to any safety concerns that the venue may have. I am so glad, as I know the others were, that we got to play and I have to say it was one of those times that music helped us all get through the minutes and hours of numb sensation and disbelief. When you just do all you know how to do to help yourself and others get through.

Luckily the folks we knew were at the Bataclan ended up being safe in the end. And the people that came to our show that night shared hopefully a moment of joy and respite from the surreal and awful happenings in a place that many of us have played and enjoyed music in so many times. There’s a moment in this video that is very pure, Tony’s vocal riffing on the “Cyber Punk Roulette” jam. Howling improvised commands of rage into the night as only he can. In the new year of 2016 there will be more touring for Fu Manchu, more Sun And Sail Club shows, possibly new music from both bands and hopefully a rescheduled tour of Europe sometime later in the year. The music goes on and its times like these I am truly thankful for it.

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