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English Morning

Woke up at 3:30am this morning London time. Had a great sleep on the plane over. I put the entire PINK FLOYD catalog on a play list starting with ARNOLD LAYNE and going all the way through THE DIVISION BELL. I woke up about midway through through ANIMALS and we had an hour left to fly so I was more than pleased.

Fought the jet lag until almost 11PM and had to sleep, but my schedule is now all screwed up and I brewed the first of many instant coffees that will come over the next month. I have still never been able to figure out why the instant freeze dried coffee is so much better and stronger here. I sit here now and watch “Born Survivor” or “Survivor Man” as its known in the US and the host is actually swimming under Siberian Ice with only shorts on. Trying to demonstrate life threatening situations that you might find yourself in should you travel solo across the Siberian tundra. I’m happy to watch this knowing my only l threatening situation for the next month will be trying to control the bus thermostat and stay healthy enough to have great shows. Or at least good ones.

So now to kill time until 11AM when the bus picks us up, we go into central London to pick up the gear from John Henry’s and up to Milton Keynes to get our Marshall cabinets. Then its on to Manchester for the first show. The adventure begins….Its like Christmas for a month.

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