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“Dimension Shifter” from Roundhouse/ Desert Fest London 2019

Well the first Fu Manchu gigs of the year are in the books, and it was a lot of traveling and fighting some nasty head cold bugs along the way, but we banged out 2 rocking shows in Berlin and London at two Desert Fest’s. We obviously enjoyed the irony of flying across the polar route to play Desert Fest as we will be flying back home to play a festival in the actual desert, the ” Stoned and Dusted” Festival that Mr Brant Bjork is putting on at the end of May in Pioneer Town and Joshua Tree CA. A little closer to home and not so much jet lag. But anyway, here is a video of ¬†“Dimension Shifter” ¬†from London taken with my newly contrived “Floor Tom CAM” ..no face time here, all about the drums and getting the crowd to stomp along. I ran in to fellow “Ludwigian” Mario Rubalcaba (Earthless/RFTC/OFF) backstage and at the hotel in London while doing interviews, and we got to hug a bit and talk about their trip to Russia and how stoked they were to play there. He said it surpassed all of their expectations or fears of what it might be like and then we parted ways, they were on their way to 2 days off in Paris. I told him about Mikkey Dee’s bar that he just opened and that drummers were probably welcome, so hopefully he will do reconnaissance work on that and report back, in advance of us being in Paris at the end of June. We will be stomping many a festival this year with many great heavy bands so I plan to take in many a drum lesson myself and just get generally inspired while in between continuing with many students back home. And hopefully working on some new music with FU and otherwise over the summer….ever onward..

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