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A Hamburger in Hamburg, March 12th 2011

I found myself last night on a day off in Hamburg Germany with what I believe to be the largest hamburger I have ever had to put my hands around. It was almost as big as my face and amazingly I managed to get it IN my face. Having demolished that, a group of us in the touring party decided to go on a small BEATLES history scavenger hunt. We managed to find the doorway that John Lennon stood in where they took the picture that appears on the cover of his ROCK AND ROLL album. Its now a squat in the St Pauli neighborhood but its still lit up to show some bit of historical reverence by the locals. We then found the INDRA CLUB where the mop tops paid their dues, playing the almost now mythical 5 sets a night until 6 or 7 in the morning, flying high on cheap beer, willing fraulines and sweaty rock and roll. There are pictures on the wall to prove it.

Pare La Chaise Cemetary, Paris France

Also found time in Paris to visit the grave of James Douglas Morrison and Frederick Chopin. More importantly we played what has been up until now the best show of the tour. And I got time to see my great friend James Iansiti on a sunny Saturday afternoon off, as we sat and drank strong coffee and watched the Parisian streets come alive. He told me the city had been shrouded in cloud and rainy cold for a good month until the day I arrived. So everyone was getting out and enjoying it and it proved to be great people watching.

Pont Nuef Paris France

In London I viewed a treasure trove of QUEEN artifacts at the STORMTROPPERS IN STILLETOS exhibition in the East End before playing Islington Academy. Lots of old posters, recording equipment and original instruments and costumes, including a few of the more infamous “cat suits” of Freddie Mercury’s. One in particular hung on display that was covered in red and orange diamond shapes over white in what looked like a court jesters pattern,
worn at their Earls Court shows in 1977. It was ridiculously tiny and it made me wonder how such a seemingly small man could command such a powerful voice. 20 years gone and still sad.

This footage below is from the secret “drum camera” in Nijimagan, Holland. The song is ASPHALT RISIN’, my current
favorite to play on this tour

3 weeks to go…on we go, marching to Berlin


All photos by Scott Reeder

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