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Scott is an amazing teacher! My son, Cole has been taking lessons from Scott since he was 5. Over the 7 years they have developed a wonderful relationship and Cole has cultivated a serious love of music. Scott’s teaching introduced Cole to all types of music and rhythms as well as an appreciation for those drummers who have come before them. Scott’s teaching has challenged Cole to stretch and grow and play hard! Scott’s energy and enthusiasm and love of music transfers to his students!

-Stacie Daniel

San Juan Capistrano CA

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Scott is a gifted drummer, teacher and mentor. He connects with his students on an individual basis and helps them to build confidence as they learn to drum. Most astounding is how kind and patient Scott is when he’s with his students. I was personally impressed that Scott is a touring drummer who knows the industry and what resonates with young people today. Make no mistake he’s an ideal teacher for all ages. I would highly recommend him to anyone!

Lysa Christopher
Newport Beach, CA


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Our son has spent the last year in lessons with Scott. It has been such a fun experience to see him grow and really appreciate and improve in playing this instrument. Scott has terrific positive energy and a great way of connecting with kids, and our son ALWAYS looks forward to his lessons. He doesn’t feel like he is “practicing” the drums; he is “playing” the drums. I highly recommend Scott. We have also been able to upgrade some of our equipment (cymbals, drum skins, etc.) with Scott’s help. A bonus!!!

Cindy Clumeck Muchnick

Author, Newport Beach CA

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Scott is not just a drum teacher, he is an amazing person that is energetic and has taught our boys to love music. We had to bribe our kids to take music lessons in the past. but since the first meeting with Scott they could not wait for the next lesson. Thank you Scott for passing on your talent and passionate love of the drums and all music!

-Brandy Valdez

Owner, B CANDY

Corona Del Mar CA

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Scott possess a wealth of knowledge as a drummer. I appreciate that he is able to break it all down to me as a beginning student. He is a great teacher with a ton of patience. Scott knows how to tailor each lesson for where I’m at. Best of all, he makes it fun!

-Cindy Spitzer

Educator, Santa Ana

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Scott has been working with my son for only about 6 months but right off the bat he had a great rapport. He makes learning both effective and enjoyable. He teaches songs that interest my son while also teaching a variety of different styles. My son enjoys his drum lessons and has some great videos of he and Scott playing the guitar to recognizable and fun songs! I also love that he comes to us!
Alexis Schulze

Newport Beach,, CA

-Alexis Schulze

Owner, NEKTAR Juice Bar

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Scott has become much more than a drum teacher to my son and our family. He cares and connects on a very personal level and has built a real friendship and mentorship with my son. He truly treats my son with respect and equality and I think that is why he looks forward to his class each week. He works hard to make sure classes are scheduled at a convenient time and is always checking in with me to see how things are going. I am very happy to have him be a part of our lives. Thanks, Scott!

-Kelly Thorton Smith

Founder and Board Chair

OC Center For Living Peace


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Scott has been teaching my son for over 4 years. He started when he was 10 years old and while he enjoys drumming, the reason he has stuck with it primarily is because of Scott! He may look like the incredibly cool hard core rock drummer he is, but he is the most responsible, hard working, kindest, patient, disciplined instructor or tutor I have ever had in my house for any of my 3 kids! We love having Scott around and always enjoy the hour of music when he is here. He always pushes and progresses at just the right speed, never any guilt or bad feelings for not practicing. In fact, when my son performed recently in a school talent show, I was blown away by how much Scott had taught him! If your looking to explore drums or perfect your talent Scott is the one, don’t hesitate, you will not be disappointed!!

-Katie Lynch

Newport Beach CA

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My son has been taking lessons with scott for almost two years now. my son has some LD and scott has always been kind, understanding and patient with him. we like that he is in a band and goes on tours, europe, australia and US!, and he sends updates and clips from their concerts and also video lessons while he’s on the road. he is fun, down to earth and always in a good mood. i think my son has learned a lot and i really appreciate scott’s positive influence on him with the lessons and in general too. scott is a great guy. we love scott and i am so glad that we found him.

Darla Goodwin

Seal Beach CA

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Austin Pumphrey

I have been a student of Scott Reeder’s for over two years now. The progress between when I began lessons with him and where I am now blows my mind. I have taken lessons in the past with several other accomplished drummers but Scott was the best teacher and drummer by far. I play a very specific genre of heavy metal and Scott is always introducing me to new styles and rhythms from different genres, even from diverse parts of the world to make me a better and well rounded drummer. I can play well, relaxed, and in time from jazz to metal, from blues to latin, all across the board. He answers any questions I have and can help me if I am stuck on any particular technique or rudiment. Overall, Scott Reeder is a ten out of ten, A+++, outstanding professional teacher and gentleman.

-Austin Pumphrey

San Clemente CA

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